Saturday, October 17, 2015

october exhibition

Here are the pictures I exhibited in October at the Okian library.  They are mainly mixed media or ink on cardboard.

birch trees, mixed media on paper

orchard, mixed media on paper

pine tree forest in spring, mixed media on paper

birch trees in autumn, mixed media on paper

Road by pine tree forest, mixed media on paper

frozen lake mixed media on cardoard 70*50 cm
girl in a blizzard, mixed media on cardboard, 69*49 cm

happy marriage, ink on cardboard

the Porciolini mariage (after Jan van Eyck)

This series with piggies started out with this first picture where I drew this happy couple on the day of their marriage. I decided to draw another couple from farther back in history. "The Arnolfini Marriage" by Jan van Eyck came to mind. I enjoyed the result and decided to replicate two paintings by Rembrandt. With "The Anatomy Lesson" I also decided to add a little twist to the picture.
the anatomy lesson of pigolas tulp (after Rembrandt) ink on cardboard

Danae (after Rembrandt) ink on cardboard

life is not fair, ink on paper

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